8 Simple Steps For First Time Runners

You’re only 8 steps away from setting yourself up for running success. Let us help you to equip yourself with the know-how and attitude to keep you going out for a run in all types of weather!


1. Start today.
Don’t think about doing it tomorrow or next month. What are you waiting for? You can run anywhere, anytime. You can do as little or as much as you want. Even running to your nearest supermarket counts!

2. Pace yourself.
Run at a speed you’re comfortable with. Starting off lightly can prevent your body from overworking itself – only build yourself up to faster speeds when you’re ready.

3. Get the right running shoes.
Go to a running shop and get yourself fitted for running shoes that compliment your shoe type. You will be doing your feet a favour by giving them room to breathe with fewer blisters and injuries!

4. Be optimistic.
See running as a learning experience. It’s a chance to test out what speeds, tracks, times and locations work for you. The trick is to keep trying out new things and learning from exercises that aren’t right for your needs.

5. Always run against the traffic.
This is really important if you’re going to be running in an urban area – you can see any cars coming towards you, and you can avoid any injuries and accidents.

6. Focus on yourself.
Don’t compare yourself to other runners and how well they are doing – everyone has their own goals and their own running paces. Running is individualised so keep at your own pace, and don’t get disheartened!

7. Listen to your body.
When your body is slowing down, allow it. It is only through building up running exercises slowly that you can run faster and run longer.

8. Motivate yourself.
From losing weight to training for a 5k marathon, motivation is personal thing. Find a goal that will keep you going for your next run!

Good luck! For more advice and info you can follow us on Twitter; if you have any problems, you can talk to one of our experts – email coach@nudjed.com.

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