Nudjed Supports the Cardiff Half Marathon 100 Club


Nudjed is partnering with Run4Wales to support the Cardiff Half 100 Club – a group of 100 ordinary people from a diverse range of backgrounds who are training to complete the 2015 Cardiff Half Marathon in October.


Each of the 100 runners has been given a Nudjed account to help them as they make healthy changes to their behaviour over the course of their training. They are also receiving specialist guidance from professional runner James Thie, who has competed in European, Commonwealth and World Championships.

24.06.15 Run the 'Diff Promo

The 100 runners have already had their first official meeting, and are currently training hard despite the heatwave to improve their fitness and reach their goal. To follow along with their journey, you can check out the #Training4TheDiff tag on Twitter – and keep an eye out for updates and case studies from us as we join them every step of the way!

If you’re taking part in the Cardiff Half Marathon yourself, you may be interested in our running content – covering protein, hydration, carbohydrates and much more to come. Good luck!

As always, don’t hesitate to get in touch with any questions via Twitter or email.

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