Corporate Health: Being More Organised

One major thing that contributes to stress is disorganisation. If you don’t know what’s happening from one day to the next, and can’t keep track of tasks, goals and plans, it’s easy to be blindsided by a big deadline or event that you’d forgotten about.

Being more organised in the workplace will help your staff to plan and complete projects and tasks more effectively, making them more productive and far less stressed out. Stress affects both physical and mental health, so minimising perceived pressure can help you to create a happier, healthier team.


This article from Unclutterer lays out the benefits of being more organised. Use this to spot patterns in your staff’s development meetings: if they mention that they feel overwhelmed, are worried about their work:life balance or find that they have too many little tasks popping up, they may benefit from support to be more organised.

(The Guardian)
(The Guardian)

This piece from the Guardian is full of practical suggestions for improving organisation in the workplace, from effective planning to decluttering desks. This is a great resource for making changes with little to no budget!



For those that are chronically disorganised, Tech Times has this rundown of the best personal assistant apps to help you run your life. Many of them are free, and are available on iOS and Android.

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