Corporate Health: Eating for Better Energy

We often think of sleep as the only thing that affects our energy levels, but our diet is just as important.

This blog looks at the types of food your staff should be eating to stay alert – you could even consider updating your cafeteria menu!

One of the most important things that controls how energetic you feel is your blood sugar. Our blog covers what it is, how to regulate it, and why it’s important for your staff to make sure they’re getting slow-release energy from complex carbs. Share the article with your staff, or use this NHS guide to the energy diet to improve your workplace food offerings!


Let’s take a quick trip to Australia, shall we? Unfortunately we won’t actually get any sunshine, but we can at least use the Australian government’s handy Energy Requirements Calculator. Just have your staff enter some basic details, and they can find out exactly how many calories they need to keep themselves properly fuelled for the day.


This BBC Good Food guide is full of simple tips your staff could try to ensure that the food they eat is keeping them energetic throughout the day. A great one to share internally!

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