Corporate Health: Healthier Main Meals

Often, the easiest way to improve your health is to make minor changes to your normal routine – and encouraging your staff to make small changes is a lot more likely to work than asking them to completely overhaul their diet!

In this blog you’ll find information on healthier cooking, some great suggestions for impressive meals, and some services that make it all a bit easier. Enjoy!


Sometimes, the easiest way to make a meal healthier is to switch out the cooking method – grilling instead of frying, for example. This Nudjed blog has the lowdown on various different cooking methods and how healthy they are – share this info with your staff as a quick win!




Next time you or your staff are cooking a special meal, why not go for a healthier recipe, like one of these delicious options from Jamie Oliver? An impressive, tasty meal doesn’t necessarily need loads of salt, sugar and fat!



Riverford Veg is a service that delivers fresh, organic fruits and vegetables straight to your door – making it easier than ever to cook healthy meals. Why not look into getting deliveries from this (or a similar service) to your workplace and encourage staff to join in?

Nudjed Health Resources are collections of online content and tools that offer simple, low-cost ways to improve specific areas of health. To discover which areas of health are affecting productivity in your organisation, check out Nudjed Insights. 



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