Corporate Health: Improve Productivity By Helping Your Team To Get Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation can have a negative impact on behaviour in the workplace, with sufferers experiencing low mood, decreased productivity, clumsiness, and even impaired brain function.

Science hasn’t quite figured out why we need to sleep, but we do know that just a couple of days without sleep can literally drive a person mad!

This article identifies a range of ways for you to support your staff to get better sleep – improving their health, and your organisation’s performance.

The Nudjed guide to getting better sleep covers a range of science-backed tips, from things you should cut out of your diet to ideas for useful bedtime rituals. It also has some pointers on keeping track of your sleep to pick out patterns. You could share the article with your staff, or try enacting some of the suggestions yourself – for example, you could introduce a caffeine amnesty and provide chamomile tea in the afternoons.

For employees with persistent sleep problems, there are a range of apps that may be helpful. For example, Sleepio is online clinical programme that uses CBT to tackle insomnia. It can even use sleep data from a wearable device if you use one, and is NHS-approved!

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This video from AsapThought has a load of suggestions for little changes you can make to get better sleep. They explain the science behind ‘power naps’ and the role that brain chemicals play in your sleep cycle in simple terms – perfect for sharing health knowledge with your staff without making them read loads of science!

Nudjed Health Resources are collections of online content and tools that offer simple, low-cost ways to improve specific areas of health. To discover which areas of health are affecting productivity in your organisation, check out Nudjed Insights. 

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