Corporate Health: Improving Your Environment to Boost Happiness

A key component of happiness and wellbeing is influencing the environment around you. This can take many forms – decorations, music, scents, even the people you’re surrounded with. When you’re uncomfortable with your surroundings, or you feel like you have no options, it can take a toll on your happiness.

In the workplace, happier people are more productive, so allowing staff to have some influence over their environment is a quick and easy way to boost morale.

(Action for Happiness)

Action For Happiness is an organisation dedicated to making people happier in everyday life. This collection of resources is full of reasons to create a happier environment at work, ideas about where to start, and tools to help you along the way.


This article from Inc has a range of simple suggestions for changes you can make to improve mood in your office. The key here is choice though, so why not allow your staff to choose what changes they’d like to make using a survey or suggestion box?

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 16.10.56
(Real Happy Space)

One way your staff might like to brighten up their workspace is with a craft project. Real Happy Space have some great projects to start you off, but there are many, many more online. You could even run a team-building day where the whole staff takes part in creating something!\

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