Corporate Health: Managing Caffeine

Getting better sleep is something that consistently comes top of health intentions in surveys we run – nobody feels like they’re getting enough Zz’s! In this blog, we look at one technique for improving the quality of your staff’s sleep: managing caffeine.

The majority of UK adults have some form of caffeine habit, whether it’s tea, coffee, or even sugary energy drinks. But drinking caffeinated drinks too late in the day can interfere with your ability to sleep properly, leading to a vicious cycle – the day after a night of bad sleep, you probably feel like you need even more caffeine to function properly!

In this blog you’ll find some vital information on the health effects of caffeine, some clever tricks for staying awake without caffeine, and some suggestions for alternatives to coffee that won’t mess with your sleep cycle.

Sweet dreams!


Caffeine is seen as a much less serious drug than most others, but it’s highly addictive and is a model drug of dependence. This article outlines the effects it has on your health – share with your staff to raise awareness and get them to think twice about that next grande!


This article from Lifehacker has suggestions that may help your staff to stay alert and productive without caffeine. Apparently, the key is to keep your senses stimulated – lots of bright light!


The best way to ditch an unhealthy behaviour is to replace it with something else. This piece from Shape is full of suggestions for tasty alternatives to coffee that have a range of surprising health benefits. Why not provide some of these in your workplace?

Even if you can’t convince staff to kick their habit altogether, why not introduce a caffeine amnesty after 4pm? This will go a long way to helping everyone to sleep better.

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  1. Apples can help to wake up in the morning just as well as a hot cup of coffee (or would that be tea for you guys). And no caffeine problem!

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