Corporate Health: Superfood Swaps

Many people these days are spending a lot of time in work. This means that they’re eating lunch, snacks, and possibly even breakfast or dinner at the workplace, so it’s important that companies create an awareness of healthy eating.

To help with this, GoCompare have recently teamed up with a registered dietician and influential health blogger – Nichola of Nic‘s Nutrition – to put together an example shopping list comparing ‘superfoods’ against ‘normal’ foods that have the same health benefits, but are cheaper to purchase.

The aim of the campaign is to show people that eating healthily doesn’t have to be expensive, and that there are plenty of options available outside of the marketing-led “superfood” blanket.

See the full infographic below, or watch the video here!



Companies can use this information to promote a healthy attitude within their own workplaces. Encouraging a healthier lifestyle, and showing a consideration for an employee’s health, creates a positive and productive environment.

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