Corporate Health: Swimming

Swimming is a great way to stay in shape – it’s suitable for almost anybody, works out your whole body, and isn’t dependent on the weather. No excuses!

You know by now that staying physically active has a whole host of benefits that carry over into a business environment, so why not incentivise your team to hit the pool?


(Berkeley Wellness)

This article from Berkeley Wellness outlines all of the health benefits of swimming, and the advantages it has as a low-impact activity. Share with your staff to encourage them to get wet!

( is a great online hub that contains pretty much everything you could possibly want to know about swimming in the UK. Their poolfinder is a great online tool that your staff can use to find the most convenient place to swim!


This article from the NHS is full of tips and advice for those that are new to swimming. It’s really one of the most accessible activities, so share this piece with staff members that are a bit unsure!


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