Corporate Health: Workout At Work

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We previously teamed up with GoCompare to bring you information on alternatives to pricey superfoods, which you can read here. This time around, the team have put together a great resource looking at easy exercises you can do in the office! In their own words:

Many of us spend the vast majority of our working day sat down at a desk, even though we know how bad it is for our health. But if your office doesn’t have facilities or space for equipment, or you don’t have time to go to the gym at lunch, you probably think that staying on top your fitness at the workplace is a lost cause.

Well, my fitness-seeking friends, I can assure you that it’s not! Gocompare has put together an interactive of fun, yet discreet, exercises to help you stay fit and healthy while at your desk – no dumbbells or membership required.

There’s also a handy video full of tips for eating healthy. Now go forth and beat that sedentary lifestyle for good!

You can find the new resource here – including tips for cardio, stretches, and toning exercises, along with handy illustrations. Why not share it around your office, and get everybody to boost their fitness?

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