How to send a Nudjed Insights survey

There are a few things that you need for a successful Nudjed Insights survey:

  • A title for the survey (so you remember which one is which on your dashboard!)
  • Confirmation from the IT administrator that the technical requirements for Nudjed Insights are met. Download our tech spec as a PDF by clicking here.

With this sorted you can create a survey and send out a link to all the participants.

Creating the Survey
Creating an Insights survey only takes seconds. Watch the gif below to see how it’s done:

A gif showing how to create a survey

Sharing the Survey

Once you have created the survey, the page will display a URL link. You can copy and paste this link to share it with your participants in an email, text or other method. You can also go straight to the link yourself to see your live survey.

A gif showing how to view a survey

Automated Reminders
The Nudjed Insights platform also has the option to send out automated reminder emails over a week-long period. It only reminds those participants who haven’t yet completed the survey and results in higher completion rates.

To do this you’ll also need:

  • A start date for when you want the survey reminders to begin
  • A ‘from’ email address – the email address that you want the email reminders to come from, usually someone in management or the HR team.
  • A list of participant emails – in a simple list using a spreadsheet file (e.g. .xls, .xlsx, .csv)

A gif to show how to set up automated reminders

If any of this isn’t clear, or there’s something more that you need, why not arrange a Skype call with one of our team?

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