Meet the Nudjed 100 Club Healthy Heroes!

As you might have heard, Nudjed is teaming up with Run4Wales to help 100 participants train for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. All 100 Club members have received a free subscription to Nudjed, which will help them to learn more about their health, make smart changes and stay on track with their training.


We’ve selected six Healthy Heroes to follow on their training journey between now and the big race, and we’re very excited to introduce them to you!


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Frances never thought she was the sort of person who could run long distances, and was jealous of those who did – after her husband ran the Cardiff Half Marathon twice, she decided to finally give it a go. She’s struggled with her weight in the past, using Weight Watchers and other diet plans to try to lose weight, but nothing worked long term.

She also has a foot condition that she thought would stop her from running, but with some expert advice and special insoles she’s started training and is well on course to complete the race in October! The above photo was taken right after Frances beat her personal best time in the Mic Morris 10km race in July.



Kevin won a place in the 100 Club through a Facebook competition by Run4Wales. He’s always been an active person, but says he wouldn’t consider himself to be ‘fit’. He’s tried running before, but has found it hard to stick to the habit – having the Half Marathon coming up is a great way to stay on track! Kevin’s finding the content that Nudjed curates to the 100 Club Facebook group very useful – this can range from tips on running techniques to recipe recommendations, recovery methods to mindfulness training.




Emma has always wanted to run a half marathon, and is finding Nudjed handy for organising her training schedule – she especially likes the text reminders.




Alan started running around 9 months ago, as a way to lose weight and help to control his Type 2 Diabetes. He says he’s previously tried a whole range of expensive diet programmes and gym plans, with limited results. He’s finding the Nudjed content interesting, and has found the information on healthy snack swaps useful, as he works in an office where the temptation of junk food is always around.




Andrea decided to take part in the Cardiff Half to regain her fitness – she was previously 5st overweight and asthmatic. She’s using Nudjed daily to set challenges and reminders that keep her training on track – she also likes being able to keep track of her health data with the Nudjed fitness tests.




Steve is taking part in the 100 Club because he likes to set himself a new physical challenge every year. Three years ago he decided to make some lifestyle changes including eating better and exercising regularly, and since then he has lost around 7 st. He started running recently, having previously done a lot of swimming and circuit training. He’s using Nudjed several times a week, and says that he’s finding the dietary content especially useful – a more intense training schedule means that our runners have to make sure their nutrition is well-balanced and energising!

Keep an eye out for updates from our Healthy Heroes as they train for the Cardiff Half Marathon in October!

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