Nudjed and Edgar – Best Buddies!

At Nudjed, we like to be open about our business, from the Lean and Agile methodologies we follow to the software we use. You can read up on some of that stuff here: the Startup Starter Kit, a look inside our office, and some thoughts from our UX developer on agile development and working in CSS.

Today, we’d like to share a social media marketing secret that we swear by – and his name is Edgar.

Edgar is a social media scheduling tool with a difference. We’ve used the whole run of apps, including Buffer, Hootsuite, Tweetdeck and many more, and nothing has impressed us more than Edgar. The premise is simple – the majority of your social media updates are effectively wasted. Organic reach for Facebook posts is down to 4%, and a tweet is only seen by the small proportion of your followers who happen to be online when you post it.

Edgar works by creating a library of your social media updates, and publishes them according to a schedule that you can customise for each of your networks – and when all of your new updates are posted, Edgar goes back and starts recycling older updates that your followers may have missed the first time round!

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 13.02.51

Edgar has saved us a huge amount of time by effectively automating our social media updates – this leaves us with more time for creating new content, engaging with our followers in real time, and getting on with other important business-type stuff. We’ve also been hugely impressed with Edgar HQ’s active community Facebook group – the team behind Edgar are consistently available to help out with any questions or problems, and the users share content, tips and solutions in an awesome friendly environment.

In short, we love Edgar – and we think you might too! You can find out more by visiting If there are other aspects of the Nudjed process you think we should cover on this blog, feel free to get in touch – just email!

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  1. Thanks so much for the great review! Glad to hear that Edgar is freeing up time for you to spend doing other things (that’s the whole idea!). And thanks for the Edgar HQ shout-out! It’s a part of Edgar that we really enjoy and are glad to hear that you do, too!

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